Freedcamp: Hello, Awesome, Free Project Management System!

We stumbled upon awesome the other day and its name is FreedCamp.

Currently we use Basecamp to manage all of our internet marketing and web design projects. Life is seriously rough without a project management system, this we know. I can’t tell you how often I’ve thought to myself “thank goodness for Basecamp” when looking at a project’s history to track who’s done what. It’s very nice to be able to easily mange projects without over complicating things. Also, our client’s very much enjoy that we give them access to their projects in Bascamp and they can see at any time, all of the good stuff we’ve got on the schedule for their project. In fact, some of our clients have liked using Basecamp with us so much that they went and signed up for their own account to manage various projects they have.

Then, about a month ago, we were introduced to Freedcamp – A free, hosted project management system…

We signed up and played around with it for a while and couldn’t help but notice the similarities to Basecamp – with the exception that Freedcamp is, well, Free. We had also mentioned Freedcamp to a client and they signed up for an account – appreciating the fact that it was money saved for their non-profit organization. In their case, instead of our role being that of the project manager, we had a role in their new project management system as part of their marketing tour-de-force. We have been quite surprised at how well Freedcamp is working for them to pull all the pieces together in their marketing projects. In fact, we have setup a few personal projects on our own account just to test it out — so far, we have been very impressed!

It’s a little bit shocking, to say the least, that something so robust is free – in fact, others have been wondering the same, to which the folks at Freedcamp have responded:

As far as paid plans go, Freedcamp will never introduce a pricing plan. Our core application is strictly free, and will remain this way forever.

Which says to me that the functionality we see now, at a minimum will always be free – and that’s nothing to scoff at, considering that the functionality is that or more than Basecamp which charges a decent amount monthly for their service.

Basecamp really paved the way with regard to simplicity in project management, however for some people it may be too simple (especially if you’ve ever looked through their feature request forum). Freedcamp seems to be looking towards evolving the platform, picking up where Basecamp may have dropped the ball for some. Since the tools are quite similar in functionality to that of Basecamp’s, there really isn’t much of a learning curve involved, which makes Freedcamp easy to consider if you’re in the market for a project management system. At a minimum, I would certainly recommend checking into it – it is free afterall 😉

Full disclosure: This is not a paid review, nor were we asked to review Freedcamp. When we find something worth telling others about – we do!

  • Angel G.

     Hey thanks for the great review 🙂 we really appreciate it. Glad to know you like Freedcamp. Version 2 is really gonna change the PM world.

    • Can’t tell you how excited we are to see version 2. I think this space really needs evolution and judging by what you’ve already released, we know it will be awe-some!

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  • Hey nice review. I admit as I have just started using Freedcamp I was a little nervous of their pricing structure. But knowing that it isn’t going to change is pretty neat. Overall I’m also really impressed with their service.

    • Thanks Jonathan. We are pretty happy ourselves for being able to provide Project Management to anyone for free through the past 2 years.

  • Nice review! Me and my team are looking for a Project managing solution. We are considering Freedcamp as it is very simple to use and of course, free. But the one thing that is bothering us and prevented us from making the final move is the time tracking.

    Even though Freedcamp offers time tracking it doesn’t integrate with the To dos nor with the milestones. For our workflow I can’t think of a use for the time tracking if I can’t integrate it with the tasks that I delegate. On the other hand, if I choose to ignore the to dos and manage all the tasks in the time app, it will get very confusing since the app doesn’t have any filter or smart search for its tasks.

    Apart from the time tracking, I think Freedcamp is awesome and will probably fit in perfectly for most teams workflows.

    • Hey Jorge,

      I completely agree I feel our time tracking can use a lot of love. We already have it integrated with Todos however only on our development boxes. We don’t want to couple our applications as it causes huge issues if a user doesn’t use Time Tracking. So we are working internally on a system that will allow apps to work with each other, but also without each other. This isn’t easy to do, but it’s on our task list 😉

  • Don Schenck

    The fact that it’s free scares me away.

    • agrublev

      Sorry to hear that Don. We do charge for extra storage and additional applications like Bug Tracking, if that makes you feel better. Also companies like Adobe, Google, and IBM trust us with their PM needs.

  • rpwmson

    I would like to download and try it. How do I do it?

    • agrublev

      We are web based so simply sign up on our website and start using the app.

  • BobVovich

    As far as free Basecamp alternatives go, I think Bitrix24 and not Freedcamp is the best one. But that’s probably because Bitrix24 is a lot better financed and they have 150 developers who can do things quickly.

  • Dan Merica

    I am quite impressed with your views. A tool whether it is free or paid should serve that purpose perfectly for which it is being employed. Users like to go with the best application. Proofhub is such an application which enables organized management over projects. Though it has got the free plan, its paid plan has got more useful features.

  • So I want to know, what’s their business model? How do they plan on making money? Is my info going to be sold? It certainly looks great, but I’m cautiously optimistic.