Old World Landscaping

They were committed to their craft

and learned something was missing...

This client reached out to us for help with leveling up their brand in the market. Ultimately, it became a perceived value problem. The work that was being done on the job site was so professional and demanded a higher than average cost to deliver. Unfortunately, the crew, jobsite vehicles, business collateral all were not in alignment under a single brand. It looked like amateurs who barely knew each other were coming together to do residential cleanups and commercial sculpting.

01. Understand the audience
02. Develop the right look
03. Make a clear positioning statement
04. Execute on the vision
It was time to go professional.

Orlando came to us with a request we'd heard countless times before. "Can you help me look more professional?"

His first few years in business were fueled with his time & effort, because that's all he had. After doing some great work and building a good reputation and some money, it was time to look the part with some better branding. This project was way back in March of 2010, but it still looks good.