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Much of our work expertise is in or around specific established technologies. That said, we intentionally engage with new emerging technologies as they garner attention and support. Click here to see a list of our favorites

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Los Angeles Brewers Guild

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Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance

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We Appreciate
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Kimberly Maevers
Greater Antelope Valley Economic Alliance

PIXSYM is excellent at web development, marketing strategies and business development brainstorming. They are very professional, thorough, and deliver on their promises on time.

Anna Smith
Terre Verte Landscape Design, Tehachapi CA

I can't say enough about how well PIXSYM has met, and exceeded my expectations for my web site. It was as if they crawled inside my head and pulled out the unarticulated vision I had, only better. The web site they built for me is beautiful, functional and user friendly.

Bob Cannon
Secard Pools & Spas, Rancho Cucamonga CA

My experience with PIXSYM has been nothing short of top notch. They are truly experts in their field and I learn something through every interaction with them.

Joy Redstone
Boulder Bridge House, Boulder CO

PIXSYM's work is exceptionally high quality and they are wonderful to work with. Samara was both expert and patient, and could talk IT language as well as nonprofit language! The end result was a truly wonderful website.

John Perry
Human Productivity Systems, Lancaster CA

PIXSYM is a competent and customer-focused provider of Internet Marketing services. Their web designs are evidence that they listen to their clients' concerns and provide features and functions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Michael Bean
Marriage & Family Center, Bakersfield CA

PIXSYM gave excellent advice and support throughout the project, thoroughly explaining without jargon the theory and mechanics behind their suggestions, while giving me the final say regarding the look and functionality of the site. They are the Lamborghini, and they kept me in the driver’s seat the whole time–and I’m still there: retaining full control of over my site (with their continued available support of course).

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Can you help me get traffic to my website once it launches?


Absolutely! We help many of our clients drive traffic to their websites using Google and Facebook ads. We can even make plans to launch a campaign as soon as your new site goes live.


Are the websites you design search engine optimized?


We stay on top of and apply best practices provided by Google for search engine optimization to help ensure your website is easy to find and index.


Can I edit my own website after it's launched?


Yes! We even provide you personalized training videos of us making edits on your website, so that you can learn the basics and get up to speed quickly.


Will my new website be mobile friendly?


Absolutely! We understand the importance of having a website that looks good on mobile devices. All of our websites are built using mobile responsive design so your new site will look great no matter the screen size.


How long will it take to design my website?


Every project is different, however on average, most websites need only a dozen or so pages and can be completed in a few weeks. The much larger, or more technically complex websites can require significantly more time to complete. once we've worked together to lay out the scope of the project.


Do you provide ongoing support for the websites you build? Is a long-term support plan mandatory?


Yes! We have several maintenance and ongoing support plans to help support you as you grow. You can even be completely hands-off and let us do everything for you. We're flexible!

Is it mandatory? No. Like we said, we're flexible. By opting out of a maintenance plan, some benefits won't be available to you, but we can definitely still help you with a website.

The Elephant in the Room

What Does a Website Cost to Build?

This is easily the most common question we're asked.

Of course it is. It's the question that matters most in your mind. What's too much? What's not enough? I think we've come up with a great way to get those questions answered together. Instead of asking us what your website will cost. We ask you. We ask what matters to you, what it needs to do, who it needs to reach and we discuss. We work out what is and isn't appropriate for your goals with you. So whatever it ends up costing, is just as much your doing as it is ours.

Consider for a moment another question... What will I miss out on if I take a shortcut? Are all websites generally the same, or, could a website that requires more investment - actually end up more valuable? 

Whatever you do, I suggest you think of your website as an investment & plan for it to pay for itself. In other words, a website that doesn't make money is art.