With projects dating back to 2006 under the Pixsym brand, we have a wide range of work evidence of our capabilities.

Our efforts have largely been focused on designing for the individual user confined to the limitations of small, internet enabled personal electronics. The design, building and marketing of responsive websites being the single greatest investment of time.

See the stacked bar chart to see the breakdown of all we've done & still do. 

  • Infographic, Logo & Branding (10%)

    Vector (all color modes) -- Business Cards, Brochures, Menus

  • Small Print Collateral Design (6%)

    CMYK -- Business Cards, Brochures, Menus

  • Large Format Print (3%)

    CMYK -- Billboards, Banners, Business Signs, Political Signage

  • Multi-Page Print Design (11%)

    CMYK -- Catalogs, Reports, Publications

  • Packaging Design (4%)

    CMYK -- Die-cut boxes, food labels, alcohol branding

  • Big Screen Format (1%)

    RGB -- Movie theater format advertising, 24fps, 1080/720p

  • Small Screen Format (65%)

    RGB -- Mobile thru Desktop PC, Website Design, PPC, SEO, SEM, Etc.

Project Stories

Click each item to read a brief story about how the project came to be and what we did to meet the needs of our clients.

Web Design A-Z

Terre Verte Landscape Design

A client that became a friend, cause she's perhaps the nicest person you can meet. This project story was one of the easiest to envision because of the nature of her work, skill and communication skills.

Logo & Collateral

Stallion Springs CSD

A project story that takes a look at our work with a small community that had a wide range of visuals in circulation that we brought it all into the modern age, unified under one strong brand.

Branding & Web Design

Old World Landscaping

A short project story about how we helped a landscaping team get off the DIY train and into a brand they could really drive to success.

Logos & Branding

Graphic Design

Digital Rendering of Wine Bottles
Digital Rendering of Wine Bottles

In this graphic, we rendered the label on top of a digital wine bottle graphic, rotating the label and taking perfect, repeatable 'photos' of the bottle without the need of a special camera, lighting or studio. Bonus: No fingerprints or smudges to wipe off.

Auto Body Repair/Restoration
Auto Body Repair/Restoration

This logo project started when the company saw their name among other auto repair shops and felt they weren't very competitive. The old 'logo' was the name in the Arial Bold typeface.

Relay for Life
Relay for Life

Hyper-local advertising in a real estate publication calling attention to a wonderful way to raise funds for cancer research and treatment options for those battling cancer.

Winery Brochure
Winery Brochure

Custom print piece on low-gloss/satin, low-fingerprint UV coating on high quality, medium heavy #80 Silk Cover recycled stock.

Local Campaign Materials
Local Campaign Materials

A local Community Services District location candidate running for political office a few years back. She won and did a wonderful job for her community for all who were wondering.

Feedback Card & Envelopes
Feedback Card & Envelopes

Two different pieces designed at the same time. A dining experience feedback card brought to each table with the check in the early days immediately after the restaurant opened.

Past & Present


In addition to all those mentioned above, here are logos of folks we're contractually allowed to disclose having done work for & with.

Date Last Modified Oct 5, 2022