Boulder Bridge House

An Organization Committed to Challenging the Status Quo

25 years of rewriting what's possible for Homelessness

We first met with the team at Bridge House back in 2012 when the organization was a bit smaller and under a different name. Known as Carriage House back then, the vision was largely the same. Don't settle for the narrative of what's possible when addressing Homelessness. Every human being currently experiencing homelessness has a unique story and feels differently about their current circumstances. Society has largely gotten used to ignoring the personhood and grown accustomed to painting with a broad brush with the homeless populations in American cities nationwide. Operating as Bridge House in Boulder Colorado, the leadership team and staff have a very different vision and an amazing story of success helping people off the streets and back into independent self-sufficiency. Restoring confidence through work and responsibility, helping each graduate prove to themselves it's possible & the status quo isn't inevitable.

01. Embrace the vision
02. Protect the available budget
03. Adapt and Pivot as needed
04. Invest in the long term strategy
From 2012 to 2024 and beyond

Some of the most thoughtful human beings we've had the pleasure to work with over the years in a space that is very near and dear to our hearts. Homelessness is something affecting far too many and is understood by far too few. It's also a topic that is rife with assumption, making it that much more difficult to overcome the various stigmas attached to it. Stigmas that seep into the individuals psyche while on the street and start believing, leading to a hopelessness that often comes with homelessness.

Hope isn't only possible, it's realistic, and Bridge House is proving it.

We've been in the conversations since 2012 for how to adjust, adapt and increase awareness all with a goal to increase opportunity and transformation for those eager to get off the streets.