Whether you're building a website for the first time or giving an established website a facelift and update, you'll quickly generate a list of questions you need answers for. While all of them might not be listed below, we hope the ones that are get you on solid ground. 

Please call 888-895-0104 to get answers to the questions not included.

  • Can you help me get traffic to my website once it launches?
  • Do you host the website?
  • Will it be search engine optimized?
  • Will I be able to edit my own website?
  • Will my new website be mobile friendly?
  • How long will it take to design my website?
  • Do you provide ongoing support for the websites you build? Is a long-term support plan mandatory?
  • What does a website cost to build?
Can you help me get traffic to my website once it launches?


We help many of our clients drive traffic to their websites using Google and Facebook ads. We can even make plans to launch a campaign as soon as your new site goes live.

Traffic comes many ways, sometimes it's paid, sometimes it's carefully crafted content. Usually it's best to have an understanding of both. If you're 100% in the inbound marketing school of thought, or 100% in the cost-per-click school of thought - Samara is the one you're going to want to talk with. She can help you consider the benefits of both sides and help you refine the side you're currently in.

Do you host the website?

We can and often do...

...But for some clients, under the circumstances, it makes more sense to continue to manage something already established. To summarize, if you need hosting included, our cloud servers are easily scaled to the resource needs required for your site to perform it's very best. 

We can quickly deploy a timezone matched server in a data center managed through Digital Ocean, Vultr, Linode, AWS or Google Cloud.

Geek Specs: SSD-Based Servers, PHP 7+, CDN, Pre-configured PHP-FPM, Dedicated Firewalls, Staging Area & URLs, Optimized Stack with Advanced Cache, SSL, Managed Backups, Easy Cloning, and so on... 

Will it be Search Engine Optimized?

Yes, and in ways most people are unaware even exist.

We stay on top of and apply best practices provided by Google for search engine optimization to help ensure your website is easy to find and index. Google isn't the only source we consult, but in many ways the buck sorta stops with Google's policy on a given search topic, including optimization.

Will I be able to edit my own website?


As part of the early planning phase, we account for the areas you and your staff will want access to and need to have credentials to maintain. Those areas aren't set in stone, are totally adaptable over time, but are carefully planned even in the beginning.

We even provide you personalized training videos of us making edits on your website, so that you can learn the basics and get up to speed quickly & use them for new hires down the road.

Will my new website be mobile friendly?


We understand the importance of having a website that looks good on mobile devices. All of our websites are built using mobile responsive design so your new site will look great no matter the screen size.

If you're a media query geek, reach out to Kyle and you'll have plenty to talk about... Responsive images, responsive type scales, page speed and more native user experiences. If this is your language, Kyle is happy to talk with other geeks when he gets the chance.

How long will it take to design my website?

Every project is different, however...

...on average, most websites need only a dozen or so pages and can be completed in a few weeks. The much larger, or more technically complex websites can require significantly more time to complete.

Once we've worked together to lay out the scope of the project, you'll quickly see the benefits of each stage of the timeline to achieve something you'll be truly proud of.

Do you provide ongoing support for the websites you build? Is a long-term support plan mandatory?

Yes it's available, No it's not mandatory.

We have several maintenance and ongoing support plans to help support you as you grow. You can even be completely hands-off and let us do everything for you. We're flexible! Think of these on a spectrum and all an effort to keep your website evergreen.

Is it mandatory? No. Like we said, we're flexible. By opting out of a maintenance plan, some benefits won't be available to you, but we can definitely still help you with a website.

What does a website cost to build?


This is easily the most common question we're asked.

The easy answer is, we will work with clients with any and all budgets imaginable. For some goals, a $500 website is all the investment needed. For others, 10x that might be necessary.

So as you can imagine, it depends.

Every website that gets built is a decision about 3 relevant factors. These factors are Speed, Cost & Quality. It's a decision about ranking those factors.

If you need it fast and of the highest quality, it's going to cost a fair bit more than a site of lower quality or slower turn around.

Pricing a website should start with your goals. What action do you want a visitor to accomplish when they visit? If you're only thinking about a place to display a logo and your business hours, call us. My hunch is you might be thinking too small and you'll miss out on perhaps the single best way to grow your business if you stop with logo and business hours.

Here is a bit more we've written on the topic:

Date Last Modified 20 Oct 2020