Building great things online doesn't happen by accident.

You need someone else's expertise to join yours to achieve something new or improved online.

How we quote work...

Value Pricing

It starts with why we choose value based pricing model over the others. Trust is incredibly important in projects at this level. Great work is on the line, so spoiling it with an inappropriate pricing model for web design shouldn't be the starting point.

Value pricing begins with the end in mind. It seeks to answer the real questions...

What problem(s) need to be solved? What are the end users' pain points? Why aren't the end users using the client's services or products more? What is the end user's journey to the client's services or product?

The goal is never as simple as 'running an ad' or 'building a website' - that's thinking too small.

Going through a value pricing discovery meeting helps establish a fixed price from the value gained from fixing the problem. The price includes the value of our team, with our skills, partnering to complete something specific, new and amazing; with you and your team, to do something important & make it as effective and beautiful as possible.

Since this process of pricing is collaborative, you only pay for the project you helped define & expect to receive. The execution of that project to your expectations is our single dedicated focus, everything else is subordinate.

In our view, value pricing is also the most flexible. As your needs change, you dictate the value of the new idea as a higher or lower priority and together we adjust. Think of it as pivoting with purpose. There isn't a more fair and sustainable model for well executed, creative work.

Work quality, fit and finish are all factored into your valuation - whatever is important to you from a Science:Art ratio perspective; it's built into the plan. More on that below.

Science : Art

The Science to Art ratio. Both appear in every one of our projects, but, the balance is never the same from one to the next.

Let's be clear... A website that doesn't make money* is art. If it's done poorly, it's bad art. If done well, it's at least nice to look at. Some clients are asking for art & we're happy to accommodate.

Most of our clients need their site to do something more than look nice, that's where the science side of the ratio really finds it's stride.

Doing what's right

Our clients do great things. What we build MUST help not hinder their doing so.

Whether it's helping the homeless community in Boulder, Colorado get back on their feet or making sure kids in Kern, County California learn about nutrition & exercise. Our clients are making the world a better place.

Being fair with our pricing and accurate with our assessments of infrastructure need, helps keep our relationships strong and our clients equipped to achieve their goals. 

Grade: A+ Best for Everyone

Value Pricing brings the buyer (client) and seller (Pixsym) to an understanding of value for time and skill, cooperatively generating a fair price for the perceived value of the finished product (website) with a certain goal of achieved quality. Therefore, instead of time being the focus, achievement of quality is made the metric of focus.

As a result, the buyer and seller benefit from the finished product. The client is proud to have a website worth more than they paid & the development team is proud to have another high quality site with their fingerprints in their portfolio.

Getting a Quote

If you've made it this far, I've got good news... this next part gives you an idea of what different projects in the recent past have cost. AND, gives you an opportunity to start your own quote process.

If you have questions along the way, please feel free to get in touch by phone, email or the quick form below.

If you're a doctor, the cost of your education was no simple expense, it was an investment. If you're a seamstress, the sewing machine you use isn't money out the window, it's the tool paired with your skill that provides an income. If you're a carpenter, a cheap hammer and saw won't last a day - so you get one that does the job day in and day out. In each of those circumstances, those 'costs' continually provide value. Hopefully, they even increase in value over time as you learn to use them better. You use them to build a reputation, career and business. Your website is no different.

Needless to say, we don't suggest treating your website like a simple expense. In a world driven by how connected everything is to the internet, you stand to lose out on a huge opportunity if you cut corners when everyone else is investing. 

While we can't give you a quote without knowing the details of your project, rest assured that we work hard with all of our clients to build affordable solutions that prove more and more valuable over time.

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