Using Frequently Asked Questions as Topics for Blog Posts

Coming up with ideas for great content to post on your blog can be a challenge. I’ve heard many times before “but, no one wants to hear about my business”, and to that, I say “Baloney” (okay maybe not in so many words, but you catch my drift)!

Some of the things you see as mundane everyday tasks can easily be spun to serve as great content. For example: Frequently Asked Questions. You know best what your current customers ask you about most often. Chances are, many more people are Googling the same questions. Thoroughly answering questions can put you in a role of authority and will help you win the trust of prospects.

Now for a couple of real-world FAQ to blog post examples

Clothing boutique: Your clothes are your pride and joy. You (or you and your team) spend ages pouring over designs you sell. The thought involved in this process could spurn some really great ideas for a blog post. You know how clothes fit specific body types, what trends are up and coming, and how certain looks just flow together beautifully. Try putting some of the knowledge in a series of articles as if you were talking to a customer who has never been to your store, but has questions like: What kind of pants fit my body type best? Does this belt really need to match my shoes? What kind of shirt can dress up a pair of jeans? Make sure to include photos of your clothes in your articles.

Law firm: Legal advice is at a premium and so is your time. But consider this, many people who are looking for a law firm are looking for reasons to trust you – online. Thought leadership is a great way to help people see that you are helpful, oh and that you happen to know a thing or two about what you’re talking about. Circle the wagons (or your marketing team) and brainstorm some of the most pressing questions you are asked regularly by clients. Thoughtfully craft articles that help prospects understand how your firm works. Don’t be afraid to conclude with If you need help with ____________, please call ______________. We are _____________ experts” or something similar.

Contractor: Your expertise is your mainstay. Prospects who come to you have to fully trust that you know what you’re doing because chances are they don’t know the in’s-and-outs of the project you are going to undertake. Use your experience with past customers to help ease fears and apprehension. Jot down a list of the top 10 questions you are asked and write down the answers just as if you were explaining it to them. Be thorough and include photos/videos to illustrate your point. Using your own photos will earn you extra credit because most people can tell a stock photo a mile away. Using your own photos, even though they may not be perfect, will show prospective customers that you have real-world experience with their specific needs.

To get the most search engine traffic in return for your time investment: Make sure that you write each answer as an individual post, as this will help search engines rank each page individually with relevance to an individual topic.

Using frequently asked questions is just one way of brainstorming topic ideas. There are many more ways to come up with great blog topics as well. But, in most cases, I recommend that my clients start with answering questions, as it’s easy to speak to readers in the same way you have answered questions many times before.


Samara Hart

Digital marketing strategist with over 15 years experience strategizing and managing Google Ads, Facebook/Meta ads, and peripheral networks. Increasingly, "big tech" ad networks are overreaching and looking to make gains at the expense of advertisers. It is my job to bridge the gap for my clients and generate the highest possible ROI without wasted ad spend. I work in my client's best interest, not Google's or Meta's. Contact Me or Follow me on Twitter

Last Updated: 12 Jan 2024