Terre Verte Landscape Design

01. Listen to the client
02. Understand the audience
03. Develop the right look
04. Execute on the vision
The old way wasn't sustainable.

One of the nicest human beings we've had the privilege to get to know and do some work with runs Terre Verte Landscape Design. Anna came to us because her website at the time was basically what you get with the DIY tools of 2005 with your website host. Anyone remember the old 'website tonight' builder from Godaddy? Like that. It was time to do it right.

Anna and I sat down and talked through her goals and what set her services apart. As soon as she showed me samples of her work, my mental gears began turning and I started to brainstorm with her out loud. 'What if' this and that & time just flew by. We were both super excited to make it happen. The rest is history.