Website Project Starters Guide

Early Steps

Before you contact a Website Contractor

  • 1 Define the type of website you're building. Use the website types list if you need help. You'll find instructions and an example below the list.
  • 2 Be honest about the goal as you consider the 3 fundamental axioms for all projects.
  • 3 Determine from your end (the client side) what you're bringing to the table to get the project across the finish line.
  • 4 Every website needs written copy, photos/graphics & brand awareness. How much of this is done & could stand toe to toe with the competition? How much is being included in the project?

Website Types

Pick the 2-3 best descriptors for your project from the list below.
Rank them by accuracy or best fit.

  • Informational
  • Blog
  • Current Events / News
  • Municipality
  • Event(s)
  • Personal
  • eCommerce
  • Community / Social
  • Non-Profit
  • Education
  • Business
  • Portfolio

A Homeless Non-Profit example: Non-Profit, Events, Blog because the two primary ways this website will generate donations is through fundraising events and blogging of statistics and success stories.

A County Public Works example: Municipality, Informational, Current Events/News. Every Public Works department knows communication is key as new or different rules or standards take effect and change the opportunities for residents in their county.

The three fundamental axioms for your project.



Cost / Budget

Cost / Budget

Turn-Around Time

Turn-Around Time

Now, Imagine the perfect website... the Unicorn


Perfect Quality

Does everything you need & want it to do. It avoids all attempts at security exploitation & malware, never goes offline, with no human effort required


Perfect Cost

It's also FREE, not just up front, but forever. No cost hosting, no cost firewalls or malware monitoring, no cost maintenance. WOW.


Perfect Timing

It's also available on a whim, as fast as you can snap your fingers, with no investment of time for planning, design or development. Instant.

The Unicorn does't exist.

You see the problem already, these axioms might be fundamental, but there is a trade-off in reality. At best, you're only going to realize 2 of the 3.

  • A superior quality website on an aggressive timeline (deadline yesterday model) is going to be the opposite of affordable. It's going to cost a fortune, it doesn't matter who you ask - they'll charge the most they've ever charged.
  • A superior quality website with an extremely limited budget is going to be the opposite of timely. It's going to take forever to launch in reality.
  • A budget friendly website with an aggressive timeline (need ASAP) is going to be the opposite of high quality. It's going to be the lowest quality result.

Set your budget when you're HONEST about your priorities.

Once you're comfortable with your priorities and understand there will be one of the three axioms will present some discomfort.