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Friday, November 27, 2020

US President Donald Trump tests positive for Coronavirus a second time.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Breaking News:

In a release from Senior Whitehouse staff & confirmed by the President's press secretary moments ago, President Trump received a second positive test for coronavirus. Many on the President's team requested media tread lightly with the information as some speculation has already stirred regarding this test being a false positive. The first positive test result in early October was followed by symptoms and other confirmed cases near the President. This test appears to be isolated with no new cases reported among White House staff or anyone within recent close proximity to the President.

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Donald Trump

The 45th President routinely in hot water for hand gestures...

Is Trump intentionally flashing the controversial white power symbol? Or, is this Ok?




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There is hope

Real reporting of the real issues that face real people in real neighborhoods. Sounds impossible, perhaps even something long extinct. Well, connect is proof all hope for real journalism is not lost.

Claire F.


As good as it gets

I can't imagine a better news outlet exists at this time in history. After so many have joined the activism-first journalistic format, connect clearly still reports the stories most won't.

Jeremy B.


media propaganda

I fled a country that used the news to tell people stories with a crumb of truth wrapped in lies & propaganda manure. The people saw the truth with their own eyes every day & journalists weren't allowed to report it. I know at least connect cares about accurate reporting and is willing to make everyone on both sides answer for their mistakes.

Samuel J.