Website Pricing

Having a clear understanding of what a project will cost is crucial to that project getting to market. The client wants that information. My team wants that information. So, what’s the best way to determine what your project, or any project, could and/or should cost?

Pricing Models

There are two models that exist at the foundation of website pricing, fixed bid and time. We’ve seen the development and design side of the business lean toward time, either hourly or weekly. Whereas, the client typically wants a fixed bid, a total cost before getting started.

Pixsym does it both ways and we let the project requirements dictate which one makes the most sense.

Here’s how: If the details of a project are clear, milestones for delivery are specific & responsibilities for all role players defined, there is no reason we can’t do fixed bid pricing. It’s when the opposite is true, that designers and developers prefer time, because they know, a sliver of grey area during the planning phase turns into a sinkhole of time later.


Pixsym Pricing

70% of our pricing is fixed bid. We invest a lot of time with our client in the beginning developing a project plan. We start with a team brainstorming session or two, then we determine if the project requires a discovery. On complex projects, and even some seemingly simple ones too, this cornerstone process helps everyone involved understand what’s possible for the budget.

How it Works

Planning a project? Get in touch and a Website Strategist will follow up with you to discuss your project.