How we helped grow traffic 300%, 2 months after redesign

A pool company with a well-known local brand came to us for a website redesign to better showcase their brand online. With a plan of action focused beyond cosmetics, they were swimming in leads within 3 months of relaunching their website!

The Problem:

An outdated and ineffective website. Our client is a well-known pool and spa company in Southern California. Their old website was build several years ago using old technology (tables and flash). Search engines were having a hard time making heads or tales of it and as a result it was not getting much unbranded search traffic. This was hurting their ability to compete in their very competitive niche.

The Solution:

  • Step 1: Expand content on website and grow reach. We assisted our client in devising a plan that incorporated the expansion of information available via their website. With their old website being a static 16 pages, the new website would have the capability to easily house an infinite amount of content which we worked with them to craft.
  • Step 2: Leverage brand’s status to gain exposure. Leveraging their already established link profile and page rank, we mapped old URL’s to the new ones which would allow Google to quickly index new pages with no down time.
  • Step 3: Create multiple channels for conversion. With a sometimes lengthy buying cycle, it would be of the utmost importance to allow people in all stages of the buying process to interact with the website and enter into the sales cycle. We created multiple user profiles and landing pages to match and help people easily go from a website visitor to a new lead.


The Result:

Within 2 months of relaunching their website our client saw a 300% increase in organic traffic and within 3 months they were seeing “a huge increase in sales generated from the web” (their words not mine).


They already had the brand recognition and other keys to success; their new website enabled them to expand their reach by easily publishing high quality content and growing the extent to which their brand was able to be seen. Carefully placed calls to action help visitors convert into leads easily.