How we helped grow traffic & leads over 100% after site redesign

When done right, a website redesign can bring you more traffic and leads than you thought possible. With some work and dedication, our client turned her website into a lead machine that got her a new client within the first month after redesigning her website.

The Problem:

No results from current website. Our client designs beautiful landscapes and her old website was a standard brochureware site with 3 static pages (that she wasn’t able to change) and several stock photos mixed in with her own. She had not received a single lead from her old website and as far she could tell, she wasn’t getting much (if any) traffic.

The Solution:

  • Step 1: Design a visually interesting website. The team at PIXSYM worked together closely with our client to really capture what her brand stands for. Her new website needed to convey quickly that her work is beautiful, functional and custom designed. Because her work is very visually interesting, we knew that incorporating her designs and finished work into the website would show off her talent as a landscape designer. Incorporating before and after’s help people trust that she knows what she’s doing.
  • Step 2: Make it easy to attract traffic. We then went on to plan the content layout and blogging platform using WordPress to allow her to easily add search engine friendly articles regularly. Her on-topic, helpful articles bring free traffic via search engines from people researching the landscaping process. Incorporating social sharing buttons allows visitors to easily share her work with their circle of influence on the most popular social networks.
  • Step 3: Make it even easier to convert traffic to leads. On each page of her website, our client has a call to action which allow visitors to request a quote. No matter where they are on the website, it’s easy to see what she would like the visitor to do next — request a quote.


The Result:

Within one month our clients traffic started to grow from its previous flat-line state. As she added content each month her traffic doubled month over month.


Within the first month after launching her website, or cleint received her first lead that converted to a customer and after 3 months business was booming. All of this was done organically, without any paid traffic, as a one-person operation! Our client continues to receive several high quality leads through her website each month; and the volume continues to grow month over month.

I can’t say enough about how well PIXSYM Marketing has met, and exceeded my expectations for my web site. It was as if they crawled inside my head and pulled out the unarticulated vision I had, only better. The web site they built for me is beautiful, functional and user friendly.

  Anna Smith, Terre Verte Landscape Design