How we helped double traffic a week after website redesign

Many people are afraid of redesigning their website for fear of losing their hard earned search engine traffic. And this is a very valid concern – however, when done right, a website redesign can have the opposite effect and actually attract traffic far beyond the reach of its current state.

The Problem:

Not enough visibility. Our client owns a successful marriage and family counseling center and needed to gain more visibility. His old website wass not bringing as much traffic as he would have liked, much less clients. He is very savvy and knew that the internet could bring him cost effective leads, but needed to get more visitors to see what his center offers.

The Solution:

Easily published, search engine friendly, content. Redesign the center’s current website using WordPress and allow him to easily publish articles written not only by him, but his staff as well. Naturally, their articles are helpful in nature, which means people that land on pages are more likely to stick around and share with others.

  • Step 1: Devise a plan with content at the core. The team at PIXSYM along with our client disected the current website and identified areas in which could be expounded upon and mapped out a plan starting with the content that would be offered.
  • Step 2: Help visitors learn more easily. While our clients were hard at work writing great content for their new website, we went to work laying out pages that would allow visitors to quickly and easily learn more about the center and what they offer.
  • Step 3: Empower our client with the tools to grow traffic without paying for it. We built the website from the ground up to be search engine friendly without anyone needing to code anything to publish new content. Our clients can write naturally and their website’s software (WordPress) does the rest.


The Result:

Upon launch, the client’s website was already being seen by more than twice the number of people in the first week, than it had viewed it on its best week before being redesigned – in one week! Leveraging our client’s existing ranking power with the ability to share easily on social networks meant a quick boost in traffic. Ongoing content publication means they continue to see steady, organic growth.

From the moment I contracted with them I got my first of two surprises. The first surprise? Top-notch customer relations. Right away I noticed they would actually answer my calls. They gave excellent advice and support throughout the project, thoroughly explaining without jargon the theory and mechanics behind their suggestions, while giving me the final say regarding the look and functionality of the site. They are the Lamborghini, and they kept me in the driver’s seat the whole time–and I’m still there: retaining full control of over my site (with their continued available support of course). The second surprise was my traffic. They didn’t just double the number of new visitors to my site the first week it was up–They doubled the BEST week I’d EVER had with my old site. And I know it’s only going to improve from there.

  Michael Bean MFT, The Marriage and Family Center