Service Based B2C Businesses

servicesWhy We Connect with B2C Service Businesses…
In past conversations with other service providers we often agree on one significant area of common ground. Our clients (your’s and our’s) typically subscribe to the notion, ‘this is a job for a professional’.

Furthermore, just like our clients, we appreciate a good plumber, roofer, dentist, etc. when we need one. We understand and believe strongly in the value of having someone that knows what they’re doing handle the stuff we don’t. It’s the same business model we’re in. Anyone can try their hand at fixing their toilet, roof or cavity but the results will be much the same as building their own website… probably not great.

I think we connect with other service based businesses well because we’re one ourselves.

You don’t know what you don’t know.
DIY projects often miss important details that make a huge difference. What good is a brand new roof if you’ve not sealed well around the vents and chimney? The purpose of the roof is to protect the inside from nature. If it doesn’t do that, it’s worthless. A website can have many purposes, but generally speaking, it’s supposed to communicate a compelling reason for someone to choose your services over your competition and provide a clear process for requesting a service/starting a project.

We work well with service providers.
small-bizYou offer a menu of services, some because you’re good at it, others because they pay the bills. We’ll sit with you and your team to discuss what working with you is like and how a well built website can help improve your odds selling the services that are both enjoyable and have great profit margin.

What you should know before you get started:

  • We want your site to dominate your competition
  • Think in terms of differentiation, what makes you different?
  • Who are you targeting? Small jobs, Large jobs, Niche jobs, etc.
  • We can build systems you’ll be able to edit and manage.
  • Region exclusivity is available, meaning we’ll only work with one business per sector & region.
  • We’ll work fixed bid or hourly based on your preference. Retainer required for exclusivity.
  • We do not require contracts. If you feel we’ve not fulfilled a requirement in your project, you have the flexibility without penalty to find a developer that can.
In a Nutshell. If you’re a B2C service based business and want a great website, we’d like to hear from you.