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realestateGood Real Estate & Financial advice can be hard to find…
If we’re honest with ourselves and pay any attention to the headlines in the news, one thing is clear… nothing is clear. Regardless of where someone lives, works, went to school or goes to church our society is filled with contradicting stories of what our government and economy is doing. As a web designer I see that as a perfect opportunity for those in real estate or financial planning to build their brand. But how?

You might be thinking there are already too many Realtors online or Financial websites all trying to corner the market and build businesses. I’m going to agree with that thought. What you should be doing isn’t what they’re (the multitudes) doing. If you’re in Real Estate or Financial Planning, you shouldn’t go buy the pre-fab website from the Real Estate Website Store shelves thinking yours will do anything better than the last thousand sold before you. They’re all the same and do nothing special.

So what should you do?
Well, let’s look at some successful examples. Zillow and Trulia. Both are very popular sites with consumers because they do a decent job at showing people what they want to see. Are they accurate even half of the time? No, if you ask a Realtor. But does that really matter? Consumer web traffic says it doesn’t, so should Realtors keep bashing Zestimates or learn how to compete?

What about Dave Ramsey or Suze Orman? What made them so special that they got such a following? Content and telling people what they needed to hear. Is it easy to tell people they’re being selfish and irresponsible with their money, maybe – maybe not. Either way, people apparently want to hear it.

Zillow, Trulia, Dave & Suze haven’t practiced any voodoo on consumers, they’ve only listened to what people asked for and delivered just that. I’m suggesting you take a page from the book they read and be content creators, be thought leaders. Share your knowledge better than anyone in your competitive circles and consumers will reward you with their attention and then their business.

Where does a website come in?
Owning the platform you share your knowledge on is crucial. Facebook, Google +, Active Rain, Pinterest, Youtube, etc, etc will never be owned by you. Your domain and premium content can be however. The best way to invest into a brand is by building and growing that brand at a specific and consistent location online, your own domain, using your own technology and content strategy.

What you should know before we get started:

  • Who are you talking to? Real Estate Sellers, Buyers, Investors, Local, Regional, National?
  • Content & thought leadership is best gained using mixed media, not just written text, audio or video but all three.
  • Don’t be fooled, blogs are BIG business
  • We can build systems you’ll be able to edit and manage.
  • Region exclusivity is available, meaning we’ll only work with one business per sector & region.

  • We’ll work fixed bid or hourly based on your preference. Retainer required for exclusivity.

  • We do not require contracts. If you feel we’ve not fulfilled a requirement in your project, you have the flexibility without penalty to find a developer that can.
In a Nutshell. If you’re helping people buy & sell real estate or achieve financial prosperity and want a great website, we’d like to hear from you.