Non-Profit & Charity Organizations

nonprofitGood People doing Great Things for a Greater Purpose…
As designers and developers, sometimes we reflect on our work as a list of tasks with only monetary value. For some professionals that’s enough. For us, we really enjoy focusing on the impact our work might have beyond the financial. Will what we create or build generate a new way of doing something, a new avenue of resources or an opportunity for less fortunate to thrive. We believe it’s in our DNA to help wherever possible with the gifts, experience & knowledge we’ve been blessed with.

We connect with non-profits easily because we know the challenge as well as the reward for working toward a goal that changes lives.

Budget, Value & Purpose.
Understanding why a project needs to get off the ground is usually far more involved than some board of executives just saying so. When our non-profit clients come to us, they explain who they’ll be able to help or what progress for change they hope to make. Having a new website isn’t the goal, but it will serve as conduit for making important change. We share that vision with our clients and enjoy working together to make the progress they’re hoping for.

What you should know before we get started:

  • What are the goals? New Donors, New Fundraising Opportunities, Improved Facilitation of Site Goals, More Volunteers, More Awareness, etc.
  • Setting our budget for the project early will help both sides create realistic goals.
  • There is always a cost for work performed, as well as work left undone.
  • Who are you targeting? Those in need, Those that can help.
  • We can build systems you’ll be able to edit and manage.
  • We’ll work fixed bid or hourly based on your preference.
  • We do not require contracts. If you feel we’ve not fulfilled a requirement in your project, you have the flexibility without penalty to find a developer that can.
In a Nutshell. If you’re a non-profit organization and want a great website, we’d like to hear from you.