Local Government Web Design

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Our county and city clients aren’t always trying to push the limits of technology. Instead, they’re usually trying to improve on a system that is out-dated and not easy to work with. Not easy for staff or the general public.

The general public has questions…
Imagine having your phones ringing with questions that are answered on your website. The individual on the phone has been to the website but was unsuccessful in their attempt to get the answer. You don’t blame the caller because you don’t dare go to the site yourself. It’s been your experience that the call will last 4x longer if you make your own attempt at finding it online. So instead to take the call and help them figure out their issue manually.

What’s the point of having a website?
This is not how websites are supposed to work, yet it’s the reality for many local county and city government sites. Some information changes too frequently to keep up & other info changes so rarely you’ve forgotten if it’s online or not. We know your pain, not because we’ve worked in government ourselves, but because we’ve helped government agencies solve some of these problems and lived to tell the story. Ok, nothing ever got so bad that it resembled a script from Indiana Jones or James Bond. But one website navigation I recall was nicknamed ‘The Never Ending Story’.

Our services for Local Governments include:

  • Complete website redesigns
  • Responsive web design consulting and development
  • Content management tools for updating websites easily
  • Usability and site search improvements
  • Online document management and publishing
  • Content improvements including PDF to HTML conversion

If you’ve read this far, you’re either a competitor trying to learn our model, a government worker wishing your website was better or a student doing a report on ‘why government websites are so horrible’ on average. We acknowledge this work isn’t for everyone, we just happen to enjoy it. So, if you identify with any of these visitor types we welcome you to contact us directly. We’ll do our best to answer any questions you might have, yes even competitors.

For Government Agencies specifically. We have all the necessary commercial liability and vehicle insurance coverage for working with county and corporate clients and are capable of adding named on our policy.