Email Marketing

By far, email is still the most cost effective way of driving sales. Whether through email blasts or lead nurturing, email can take a prospect from “on the fence” to “ready to buy” when the right messaging is employed.

We offer these services al-a-carte to compliment your existing strategy or as part of a complete inbound marketing strategy created for your business.

Email Newsletter & Promotional Blast Design

Ideal for an existing team who has the messaging down, but needs some creative help to boost email results

  • Template design based on your messaging (can be reusable depending upon your goal)
  • Email template coding based upon your email software or system (we work best with Mailchimp)

Lead nurturing campaign creation and optimization

Ideally, this service is designed to fit perfectly within an inbound marketing strategy or as part of an existing lead generation campaign

  • Analysis of sales cycle and purchasing process
  • Messaging crafted to match intent of lead
  • Email template designed and coded for a consistent experience from website to email
  • Emails scheduled over time and sent automatically
  • Ongoing analysis of click through rate and sales conversions
  • Ongoing optimization of campaigns