Food & Beverage Web Design

food100Eyes, Ears, Hands & Feet.
Every Restaurant, Winery or Brewery needs people to see & hear about their brand in order to convert them into customers. With growing competition around every corner it makes sense to try and build the best experience online possible. The easier it is to share how great your establishment is, the more likely it will be people will engage friends & family in that manner.

The general public has expectations…
Your customers ask questions about you online all the time. Like when you’re open, what do you serve, what are your most popular offerings, etc. Because of this, Restaurants should have photos & menus online and clearly demonstrate the atmosphere and expected attire for guests, Wineries should showcase the wines they offer and stories about how they came to be, Breweries should explain their take on beer culture and what it’s like visiting your brewery. Have tours, growlers, flights, food?

What’s the point of having a website?
For most in the food & beverage space with a brick and mortar location, the website should serve as an invitation to come see for yourself and experience what the business has to offer. If your website isn’t yet meeting your expectations for that goal, it’s probably time to make some changes. If you don’t, your competition probably will.

Our services for Food & Beverage are focused on & include:

  • Brand new or Small to Medium sized brands, typically well under 3% market share
  • Physical locations making something that gets served to the public.
  • Content management tools for updating your website easily
  • Proper design techniques to engage your audience for your purpose
  • Responsive web design consulting and development
  • Usability and site search improvements

If you’ve read this far, you’re either a competitor trying to learn our model, a general manager or owner wishing your website was better or a student doing a report on ‘why food and beverage websites are often terrible’. We acknowledge this work isn’t for everyone, we just happen to enjoy it. So, if you identify with any of these visitor types we welcome you to contact us directly. We’ll do our best to answer any questions you might have, yes even competitors.

If you’re a Craft Brewery or Vintner. We have a lot of fun working with our clients in this space & have some unique solutions for many of the routine problems that face your industry, we’d love to talk to you about them.