• You are seeing this form because...

    We’ve received a request for cancellation of Pixsym LLC services in relation to our professional relationship with you and/or your company.

    Because we don’t support or believe in traditional contract lock-in clauses, penalties or fees related to cancellation, it is necessary we have a place where the terms of a cancellation are communicated. For Pixsym LLC, these terms are primarily disclosure focused.

    We realize our clients won’t always fully understand all they’ve been receiving for the rates we charge and therefore are not fully prepared to replace the services they will be forfeiting in a cancellation. This is where we hope to bring clarity to those points so their projects do not attract more risk, degrade to disrepair or fall out of favor with search engines and into obscurity. We use this language because, with every client, these are the very things we guard against with the services we provide. They sound dramatic, scary or frightening because they are. It’s why we have clients in the capacity we do, and why it’s important to replace the protective services you are canceling with services equally up to the task by providers equally or even more equipped than Pixsym LLC.

  • Terms of Cancellation

    By canceling services provided by Pixsym LLC., you are assuming the risk that comes with that cancellation. This includes but is not limited to the specifics listed below.


    • By nature, all of our services are partly a science and an art, because they fall on individuals that carry out tasks from unique perspectives for how best to achieve the goals of the client at an agreeable rate.
    • Agreed rates, if any exist, are severed upon cancellation. Therefore, future help will be at rates Pixsym LLC deems appropriate, not at rates agreed early in the relationship, if any such rates exist.
    • When you decide to share your credentials with new people, the liability for those credentials is with you. This would include, any poor decisions these new contributors make that would render portions of your brand and/or assets at greater risk of exploitation.


    • Files that can be zipped, will be, and will also be made available for a limited time by download.
    • Download links will be sent via email to those authorized to receive them (owners first).
    • Those files will then be purged from our file systems/backups and will no longer be available for request.


    • If any custom development was contracted for the client, it is the property of the client.
    • If Pixsym is hosting your developed work, provisions to transfer that work to an independent host can be arranged.
    • If Pixsym is only accessing your developed work through a client attained hosting provider, those credentials are yours and remain yours to make available to new service providers.


    • Maintenance exists on multiple layers. Layers concerning: Themes, Plugins, Server, Files, Database(s) & Security.
    • As a general rule, keeping the following categories as up-to-date as possible is best practice. Also true, knowing when to apply certain updates is an application of risk management experience.
    • Themes: Custom theme support is severed upon cancellation. Pre-built themes purchased from theme vendors are bound by the terms of that purchase. Support is severed for all future application of updates. Keeping support for those themes are largely dependent on the author and keeping licenses for support in good standing.
    • Plugins: Support is severed for all future application of updates. Each plugin is updated at the discretion of that plugin's author and often should be vetted for error before scheduling their application to the live site. That vetting can be done a number of ways & are often subject to Service Level Agreements and agreed proceedures
    • Files: Files uploaded to your website are yours and all backup processes that protect their integrity become your responsibility to setup and manage upon cancellation
    • Databases: Are updated by your website software each time a change is made to content on the website. All backup processes that protect the integrity of those databases become your responsibility to setup and manage upon cancellation
    • Security: Monitoring for exploits & Hardening for prevention of malicious activity becomes your responsibility upon cancellation


    • Learning from data and then making decisions in an effort to reach goals will largely depend on the understanding & ability of the individual to discern the data and apply original ideas for how to reach the specified goals.
    • Handing these processes and/or methodologies over to new perspectives is your prerogative and you do so at your own risk and benefit.