When Your Website’s Content is an Afterthought, Results Are Too

Content rules the internet. What your website says and how it’s said, is by far, one of the most important elements of your website. Often times, content is one of the last things anyone wants to think about because its planning and creation is a lot of work. This lack of planning generally causes enormous time and cost overruns and worse, it will cause the results you receive from your website to be far less than stellar.

Ensure that your new website gets the results you’re aiming for by planning your content in advance of building a new website

If traffic were the only indication of success, wouldn’t you rather have your traffic analytics looking like this example vs. the one above? Both images cover the same time frames – one company took planning and ongoing content creation seriously, the other did not. They both started out with sub-100 visitors per month.

Analytics with ongoing content creation

While you are still in the planning and budgeting stages of designing or redesigning your website, develop a plan that includes answers to these questions:

  • Who will write/design/implement new content?
  • What content will your new website cover (at launch and beyond)?
  • Where on the new website will each type of content reside?
  • How will you measure the success of individual pieces so that you can maximize on the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t?

Most importantly, plan how your content will help you reach your overall goals.

If you’re a B2B or B2C company, how will the content help you make more sales?  If you are a non-profit, how will the content help you get more donors and volunteers? If you are a city or government agency, how will the content on your new website help you raise awareness and reduce support requests?

Begin planning your content with the end in mind and make sure that its goal driven. If you plan to blog, make sure that blog posts are of a unified voice and that they speak to the different personas that you are targeting.

Content is not only important to search engines, it’s also important to your users – copying content from other sources and/or creating lackluster content will not cut it anymore if you hope to rank in search engines or get visitors to share your content with others. Having a content plan in the beginning will help you stay the course and make ongoing content creation easier.

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