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How Important Is Publishing Good Content? You’re Lost Without It.

The cliche’ still holds true – Content is King. And today, I am going to use myself and my business as an example to speak to the importance of publishing good content regularly. So, here goes:  (gulp) First, I am going to admit that I am not exactly an award winning writer (wipe that look…

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Buh Bye Microformats… Hello Schema Markup

Yesterday, the main players in the search space Google, Bing (& Yahoo which is really Bing’s search results) announced a new type of markup format called schema. In short, schema is a structured markup that will give details about your website to search engines in a way they can make better sense of. This means…

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Why Having a Pretty Website Means Nothing

Everyone likes feeling good about their website… I do, people I know do, and I imagine you do as well. Problem #1, most people evaluate their website by how it looks, if it’s visually stunning or if it creates for the owner a moment of pride similar to a good painting or well written song. What…

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