Still sold on QR Codes? Google isn’t, should you be?

Pixsym Blog QRIf you’re still trying to figure out how to implement QR codes for your business, unfortunately you’ll likely need to pick up the pace or abandon ship. QR codes are already being labeled the next one-hit-wonder. If you’re not familiar with QR codes, they were the hit new style barcode over the past few years that could be scanned by smart-phones, yielding data from contact info to website URLs. The 2D blocky style image could be printed to just about anything and only required an app from the device’s preferred app store to be compatible. Easy right?

Apparently not easy enough.

Enter NFC or Near Field Communication, a new technology being supported heavily by Google evidenced by their I/O 2011 demonstration: How to NCF. So what is NFC? National Football Conference… Yes, but not in this post. Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new technology that is poised to replace QR and similar technologies because of it’s ease of use. Imagine taking your smartphone and touching a payment panel at a department store to make a purchase… yes, it’s possible. NFC is a short distance, slow speed technology that functions a lot like wifi or bluetooth (which are long distance, high speed) but without the annoying discovery or pairing steps that are common with these technologies. Another clear advantage for NFC, is they do not require power, so they too can be placed almost anywhere, clothing even.

Of course, if you’re currently printing QR codes, you cannot simply print NFC because it is an actual radio chip. And like with most technologies when they first hit the scene, think ‘Blu-Ray’, only a few companies make it in the beginning which usually means steep price point and then one-by-one new competition appear on the radar, driving costs down and availability up.

So what does this mean for websites?

If you weren’t a believer before that mobile devices were going to be used for web technology, maybe this will make you a believer now. And furthermore, help guide your thought process regarding the importance of having a mobile friendly version of your website.

Stay tuned for more NFC news as it’s released.

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