Why Do People “Like” Facebook Pages? Because Our Friends Did First

It would seem that Facebook has caused us to act more like lemmings than individual thinkers. But, I suppose that’s no surprise. We join Facebook to keep in touch and stay connected. We “Like” the Fan Pages of companies, celebrities, locations and just about anything else – mainly because a friend in our network “Liked” the page first.

In this survey of over 60,000 people taken straight from Facebook’s corporate Fan Page, you can see that the overwhelming reason behind why people follow a fan page is because “Your friends have liked it”. In fact, nearly four times as many as the second best response of “To explore common interests” – which still indicates that people liked a page because a friend did first.

Why people like Facebook Fan Pages

You can also glean from this simple study that people rarely “Like” a page to keep up with the latest news from the page. Which means that as Facebook marketer or page owner, you have to understand that the mindset of a person who has opted into your fan page feed doesn’t always reflect that of someone that wants to hear the latest news or even get a deal.

As an internet marketer, I find this seemingly simple survey quite fascinating. Not surprising, but fascinating because it’s coming straight from the source, pooling the population who are most immersed in the source. I’ve studied alot of surveys about Facebook marketing and fan behavior and as odd as it may sound, I question whether any of them have been as accurate as this one poll in displaying the simple fact: The majority of people “Like” fan pages because someone in their circle of influence liked it first.

How about you? Why do you “Like” any given Facebook page?

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