Why Create a Facebook Landing Page? A Case Study in Sharing

Facebook is quickly dominating the internet in pageviews and easily gobbles up time, as users treat the platform more like a destination than a stop along the way.

With all of those eyeballs in one place, businesses can leverage the social propensity of the network to build new relationships and nurture old ones with a “Facebook Business Page” (also known as a “fan page”).

Within a business page is the ability to host a custom page known as a Facebook landing page (for more on this, read: What is a Facebook Landing Page?) which allows a business to control the user experience and direct them to take certain actions, such as “like” the page and/or enter their contact information. In exchange for these things, there is usually an incentive, such as a coupon or chance to win a contest. But this is only the tip of the iceberg.

facebook landing page study

The real value in a Facebook Landing Page is its ability to grow your fan base virally by letting fans share with their friends.

A Facebook landing page, has the ability to not only grow the audience which can see your content, but can actually leverage the platform’s social nature to prompt users to share the page with their circle of influence. One such example of this is found on the new Facebook page of one of our clients. You can see the landing page’s progression in the images below:

Facebook landing page before it's liked

This is the default view of a facebook user who is not yet a fan. Notice that the page clearly spells out that if you become a fan, you will get a special offer in return.

After a fan likes the page

After converting to a fan of the page, the user can then get the offer (which is a coupon in this case).

Facebook landing page email capture

In this example, the page prompts users to enter their name and email address to receive their coupon.

Facebook landing page share prompt

Lastly, the landing page takes advantage of the user’s excitement in getting a freebie and allows them to share with their friends right away.

The above example illustrates just one way to leverage a Facebook landing page to offer not only a branded and controlled user experience, but to allow users to share your page with their friends. This means that if your landing page is hooked to a Facebook ad to gain fans, your ROI is increased many times over without the need to spend more. You are able to leverage the trust of your fans to spread awareness of your page. Each fan you gain in this way is a fan you didn’t have to spend a penny extra to get – so it’s easy to see why that one aspect proves the value of a landing page.

How do you create a custom Facebook landing page?

Lucky for you, you happen to know someone that specializes in custom facebook landing page design! Aside from the design, we get the strategy behind it, so your question as to “why should we create a Facebook landing page?” is easily answered with a new question: “why didn’t we create a Facebook landing page sooner?!”.

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