What is a Facebook Landing Page? (The non-techy definition)

Facebook’s interface is pretty bland by nature and for quite a while there wasn’t a whole lot a company could do to brand themselves on Facebook other than create a “fan page” and upload a nice graphic into the profile picture box.

Facebook realized that to earn more money in advertising revenue they needed to make a better way for businesses to brand themselves on Facebook: thus the advent of the ability to allow businesses large and small to place a page within their Facebook fan page which allows them to direct the user’s experience – a.k.a the Facebook Landing Page.

facebook landing pages

A landing page in Facebook is generally utilized to help businesses gain fans and give users a branded experience.

In non-technical terms, it means you have the ability to design a page which lives inside your fan page and create incentives to get Facebook users to like your page. In addition, you gain the ability to have a nice branded “page” within your fan page to show to potential fans before they click “Like” and become a fan.

Now, all that page within a page talk gets confusing easily – so here is a basic working example from one of our awesome clients:

Before a person likes this page, they are presented with a landing page which gives them more of a feel for what the company is about, but the page also tells the Facebook user what they want them to do – In this case “Like Us”.

Facebook Landing Page before like exampe

Note that the landing page tells people simply what the business stands for and what action they would like people to take

Once a Facebook user becomes a fan of this page, they are no longer presented with the landing page. The page is still there and can be found usually in the left hand navigation (circled in red below), but once a person becomes a fan, they will then see the business’s wall by default on their next visit.

Facebook Landing Page after Like example

Note that once a Facebook user converts to a “Fan”, the Like button disappears and fans are shown the company “wall” by deafault on next visit. The Landing Page is still there, but only found via navigatin on the left.

Now, that was a quick example of a landing page that is simple, and to the point. Facebook Landing pages can be very simple like the one above or more complex to showcase products & services, a contest, lead capture forms – you name it!

Update: Facebook made changes to the way pages work and because of this, this type of page is no longer available. Facebook replaced some types of pages with “apps”, which don’t work as a landing page. By default, the first page a person sees is now the page’s wall.

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