Trust Marketing: The Facebook Circle of Influence

When consulting with companies on the use of Facebook for marketing, I often use a diagram similar to this one to explain the concept of  trust marketing on Facebook. Trust marketing is the method which allows you to market yourself outside of your sphere of immediate influence and gain traction with your fan’s friends. In fact, I will go so far as to say that this one simple concept is the most important piece of the Facebook marketing puzzle: Getting into your fan’s circle of influence.

Your facebook followers circle of influence

The diagram to the right displays the concept is a simple way. Your page is in the middle; your fans are the radius around your page and their friends are the outer circle. As your fans grow in numbers, so too does the outer radius, which allows you access to a far larger number of people.

As a Facebook marketer you have the ability to reach out beyond your fans just by getting your fans to engage with your content on your page. Specifically, getting fans to like, comment or even share your page’s photos, videos and notes will get your page further than any other means of marketing on Facebook – for free. If you purchase Facebook ads, you can also leverage your fans to show their friends that someone they trust already likes your page via “sponsored stories”.

When fans interact with your page’s content it can cause the action to be displayed in their feed stream for their friends to see. Because friends trust friends on Facebook, they are more likely to trust your page as a result of this seemingly simple action. As a Facebook marketer having “an in”, is sometimes all that’s needed to gain a new fan who now has the ability to further spread the word about your brand.

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