Launching a Facebook Deal Without Utter Chaos Erupting

Facebook Places and Deals Chaos
Your Facebook Deal Could Be More Successful Than You Planned.

If you’ve decided to jump into Facebook Deals for your first time, you may not know what to expect. You may have just seen the “Create deal” button on your page and curiously setup a deal for your business. There is always a chance that your deal will bring in far more customers than you expected; which is a good thing – right? Not really, and here’s why:

Once your deal is created and reviewed by Facebook staff, your deal is live. This means that people can begin to check-in and claim deals right away. Even if your offer is a relatively simple one, there can be some unfortunate headaches if you haven’t made preparations for those who check-in and claim it. Here are some tips to help you plan and implement individual deals:

Facebook Individual Checkin DealsNotify your staff.
Since they will likely be the ones who are with the customer when they check-in and claim your deal, you will want them to know exactly what to do next. The last thing you want is for them to have a deer in headlights look on their face, or worse, have them tell the customer they’ve lost their mind. Make sure to cover the details of the deal, what products it covers and if there are any limitations.

Make preparations in your inventory. If you are offering a “buy one, get one” deal or anything that involves your inventory, be sure that you have enough of the product to give out. It’s important that you don’t let your customer down. The one-off “Individual deal” is especially great for clearing out excess inventory, however if you aren’t looking to clear out the clearance bins, you need to be sure that the product is readily available.

Be fair. There is a good chance that someone may tell a a friend or two verbally about the great deal they got at your business (yes, there are people in the world that don’t use Facebook, if you can believe that) and they may come in and try and redeem the deal without checking in. Rather than having them leave disgusted because you are some “elitist” establishment, allow them to participate. Offer them the same deal that a check-in would get. The goal is to get people in the door and enable them with a great experience so that they leave happy. Even without the added Facebook check-in exposure, that one happy customer may use old school methods to “tell” others about your business.

Track your deals! You will never really know how whether your deal was a success of epic proportions or just so-so without real data to go by. Be sure to keep a tally of some sort by the register or in a common place so that you can keep track of the deals that were redeemed. Make sure to notify your staff to note each time a deal is claimed.

A poorly executed deal will only hurt your brand, however a well planned deal can build your customer’s confidence in your establishment and at the same time, grow your following to new levels!

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