Get People to Like your Facebook Page with a “Like-Gate” Landing Page

Setting up a Facebook fan page for your business is an integral part of your social media presence. Many businesses maintain a generic Facebook page and make posts daily, which in many cases, is not enough to get the attention they desire. “Build it and they will come like”, doesn’t apply when it comes to Facebook — unless you have something to offer in return.

like gate facebook landing page

One of the most effective ways you can make your business stand out and get new “Likes” is to have a “like-gate” Facebook landing page. This is the first page your audience sees, that is meant to grab and hold their attention. Rather than look like the “plain Janes” that the majority of Facebook pages look like, yours can be the attention-grabber that makes them want to stop, look, and most importantly LIKE your page.

“Like-gating” is a technique where Facebook users see content on a custom Facebook tab, that you designate as your landing page, before they see the rest of the content on your Facebook page. In addition to getting a person to “Like” your page, this is an excellent way to grab a prospect’s contact information, such as name and email address.

The hook is to offer something in return for the “Like” that has value, so your potential Facebook fan doesn’t mind giving you their information. In return, a reward is given to the Facebook user. In this way, their first impression of your business is a positive one. And nothing beats starting off a relationship on the right foot.

Here are some ways to get a Facebook user to give your business their contact information in addition to a “Like”:

Allow them to:

  • enter a contest
  • redeem a coupon
  • respond to a poll
  • have access to exclusive content

A good “like-gate” page contains an offer that prompts users take appropriate action, “like” your page and get their reward.

A great “like-gate” landing page obtains “Likes” in the manner explained above, but also incorporates a way to follow up with prospects, and asks users to share your page so their friends can get the same offer they just accepted. These sharing actions allow you to obtain fans at zero additional cost to you.

So, now I’m sure you’re wondering…

“Where do I get one of these “like-gate” landing pages?”

I’m glad you asked 😉

Facebook landing pages of this type are developed to use special code and standards that Facebook has implemented. The process is complicated and though it’s documented on the Facebook developer site and there are free apps out there, it is time-consuming and there is a learning curve involved. Additionally, many free apps require you to use a template which likely won’t match the exact needs of your business.

I know we say this often, but it bears repeating in this scenario:

One-size-fits-all doesn’t work when it comes to internet marketing.

The alternative to a free app or DIY’ing it, is to have a custom Facebook page designed and coded by a Facebook landing page company. A company well versed in the development of Facebook landing pages will save you time and hassle in learning a new one-off process and will additionally, be able to align the landing page with your brand and goals – including those coveted “Likes”.

Update: In early 2012, Facebook switched to the new Timeline format, effectively wiping out the option to offer like-gating. While we miss this once-great form of obtaining fans, we understand why they did it. Farewell for now, like-gating!

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