Facebook’s Fan Page Insights: 2011 Changes to Metrics Explained

Facebook Insights MetricsAs 2011 has progressed, we’ve seen many changes to Facebook’s Insights toolset. Recently, they’ve made Insights more prominent and added some metrics that sound more confusing than they should. The better you understand your fan page’s insights, the better you will be able to understand your fan base. So, here’s a simple breakdown of the user metrics.

You can get to your fan page’s user metrics by loading your fan page and clicking the “Insights” link in menu located to the left side of the fan page (under the main photo). Note that you must be logged in as an admin of the fan page to see this link.

Total Likes

Shows the number of people who currently “Like” your business’s fan page
Facebook Fan Page Total Likes

Friends of Fans

Shows the number of people who are friend with your fans. Your current fans are also included in this number.
Facebook friends of fans

People Talking About This

Shows the number of people who have liked, posted about or shared either your page or a post you’ve made on your page. You can also see specifics of this metric via the chart just below the metrics graph. There, you will be able to see which posts in specific generated the most chatter.
Facebook People talking about this

Weekly Total Reach

The total number of people who have seen any of the content associated with your page. This number includes people that have seen your ad, if you are currently running one. Reach is also broken down at a per-post level in the chart below the user metrics graph.
Weekly total reach

Narrowing it down: Just below the graph at the top of the page are more specific metrics that show more information about your most recent posts individually. These metrics allow you to understand how your fans interact with different types of posts you’ve made; be it video, photos, links, or the tone of a basic page update – you can see how your fans reacted to your post and use this information as a basis to make decisions in the future.

Engaged Users

This metric shows the type of engagement your post generated. In a nutshell, the term engagement when used on facebook is the same thing as saying “How many people clicked” on a post or an element within a post such as a link or the “Share” or “Like” links below a post.

Clicking on a number inline in the chart will show a pop-up with more information on how people interacted with that particular post. It also allows you to drill down and see a bit more information on what people actually clicked on. This pop-up will also show you the dreaded “negative feedback” metric. You will not see the negative feedback if you have none, however if people have chosen to hide your post from their feed, it will show you haw many have chosen to do so.

Facebook virality metricVirality

This metric shows the percentage of people who have shared each piece of your content by clicking like or share to create a post of their own, on their wall about your post. This number is a percentage of the total fans – So if you have 500 fans that actually saw your post and 125 of them liked or shared it, your virality percentage would be 25% (which is über high, but that’s just an easy example for illustration sake).

Within the insights page you will find that many of the metric names and functions have pop-up help boxes that allow you to read a little bit more by hovering over the small [?] icon next to the title. So now that you are up to speed – the next step is to start posting, analyze and post some more!

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