Facebook is Poised to Change the Internet as We Know It

It’s Possible that Facebook Will Compete with Google in the Near Future.

Google as we know it today is the search engine leader. However, back in 1998 they were a small start up with a few crazy ideas; People laughed, critics scoffed and today, 12 years later, Google is synonymous with search a fact in which no one can argue.

Google has one real competitor today and that is Facebook. The platform that started out as “just another social network” quickly overpowered the leader in the space (MySpace) and hasn’t stopped growing. Today Facebook traffic is second only to Google; and someday soon, they may just be first.

How is that possible?

This week at Facebook’s f8 conference, amidst a slew of product launch announcements, the buzz was all about the many different product releases on the horizon, all of which will bring traffic through Facebook in one way or another.

Facebook is changing the landscape of the internet as we know it.

With the release of Facebook’s “like” button for what will surely be a multitude of websites and their newly announced open graph, they are quickly ushering in the semantic web. Top that off with ambitious plans to build the first of it’s kind semantic search engine and the web may be a pretty different place in a few years.

You will no longer just search for information; information will find you.

While that is a loose quote straight from Eric Qualman’s Socialnomics, it is certainly becoming more and more true. With Facebook’s reach growing further and further throughout the web, you will soon be hard pressed to find websites that don’t use the Facebook API in some way.

In the near future you will be able to click “like” on many of your favorite websites. When browsing sites you will be able to see what your friends like on that site. You will also see what your friends like through your Facebook feed. In this way, you will discover new things based on common interests vs. seeking out information.

Facebook knows you – maybe better than you know yourself.

It isn’t difficult to imagine the amount of data that Facebook has stored on each and every one of us. Every bit of interaction we have with Facebook products are being stored somewhere and are sure to be used to serve up extremely relevant advertising. The kind of ads that make media buyers salivate.

Advertising is Google’s main revenue stream and up until now there has been no real competition for their adsense product. That is very likely to change as we see Facebook ads served up based on personal habits and facts that Facebook has easily gathered on its 400 million+ users.

With all of that said, Google isn’t going anywhere, but Facebook is sure to be the first to actually give them a run for their money.

This is certain to get interesting. Popcorn anyone?

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