Facebook Deals for Businesses: Bargains that Find Your Customers

Facebook Deals for BusinessesLet your customers find your specials effortlessly!

It wasn’t too long ago that Facebook released the Facebook Places platform, however it has yet to be widely adopted among Facebook users; And for good reason. The places product seemed awkward and generally evoked a “who gives a ….” response from users when they or their friends checked into a business.

Typically, when a person checks into a place on Facebook, their friends who click on the link will be taken to a generic page with no brand information and a useless map . When a business owner links their places page with their business fan page, they will effectively cause curious onlookers to be exposed to their brand’s page, which is far better than the default places page.

Yesterday, Facebook released details regarding their “Deals” platform, which may finally give consumers a good reason to actually use Facebook Places, and at the same time, give businesses a good reason to offer deals to those who check-in. I am pretty excited about the marketing potential this holds for my small business clients who own a storefront. This may finally give businesses a very tangible way to monitor their ROI on Facebook. In essence, you should be able to monitor your deals in the same way you would monitor coupon redemption. We will certainly learn more about tracking Facebook deals, once the product is completely live on the site.

Everyone Loves a Good Deal.

I this economy consumers are searching for bargains in droves and Facebook deals will likely make the search far easier than it was in the past. These are deals that will find consumers before they have even begun to search via their feed stream and/or the Facebook mobile phone app.

Mobile phone users who are on the lookout for a deal will easily be able to find local businesses that are offering specials. The mobile phone app first locates the user (via GPS) and then shows businesses nearby. Businesses with deals will have a special icon next to them in the list. At the same time, when a user checks in to claim the deal, the check-in will then be shown in the users feed stream along with the sweet deal they just received at the business!

Facebook Deals Check In

This will surely bring more exposure to a business than the standard check-in.

Free Exposure for Small and Large Businesses Alike

Businesses of all sizes will currently have access to the ability to create deals free of charge (for now anyhow). This means that just a few minutes of your time could allow you to reap the rewards of social media marketing in its easiest form possible. Once you setup a deal, your customers and check-ins do the rest!

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