Facebook Calls to Action: Increase Your Reach by Engaging Fans

Did you know that the simple act of asking your Facebook fans to do something such as share or like your post can seriously increase your reach? No? Read on and learn how to get more people to engage with your content and help you reach more people on Facebook by using a simple call to action.

Put simply, Facebook has an algorithm that automatically attempts to weed out posts that their users likely won’t care about. How do they tell what their users care about? By monitoring what profiles and pages they regularly interact with by liking, commenting, sharing, etc. So, as a fan of your page, if I don’t ever like or comment on anything you post, the likelihood of me seeing your posts will become less and less over time.

How do you combat low engagement? Believe it or not, the answer can be as simple as simply asking your fans to “Like” or take other action on your post. Studies show that when you post an update and ask a question at the end, people are almost 50% more likely to interact with your content. But, that’s not the only way to get fans to interact with your content. Have fun with it and think of new ways to get people to engage with your posts.

Different types of Facebook calls to action:

  • Fill in the blank: Ask your fans to fill in the blank for a statement relating to your industry. For example, if I sell women’s shoes I might ask: “Fill in the blank: My go-to shoe for the office is __________________”
  • “Like” if you agree: Make a statement that might resonate with your fans and ask them to like your status if they agree with the statement.
  • Caption this photo: Post a funny or interesting photo and ask people to add their caption to the comments.
  • True or False: Ask a simple question that your fans might surprisingly not know the answer to and ask them to state whether it’s true or false in the comments.
  • Ask a question: Engage fans by asking a question. You can either ask a question as your status update or ask your question at the end of your post. Try to avoid placing questions in the middle or beginning of a longer post, as it tends to get lost in the message and won’t receive the same level of response as questions asked at the end.
  • Please share: Okay this is a little bit like begging, so use it sparingly. However, when you post something that you feel would be valuable to people beyond your initial circle of influence, such as a coupon or offer – ask people to “Please share”.

Those are a few ideas we’ve seen work well and help increase engagement overall on Facebook pages. Remember, the more comments, likes, and shares (engagement) your page gets overall, the more opportunities you will have for people to see more of your posts (reach). Sometimes, if you want something, you just have to ask for it.

Do you have any “calls to action” that have worked for you on Facebook? Let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear about it!

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