B2B Marketing Opportunities for Using Facebook as a Page

If you’re a business-to-small-business (or B2SB) marketer, using Facebook “as your page”  is a great way to network with other businesses that you may not have otherwise had a chance to get in front of.

Let me explain…

First, there are a few things you might want to do, so that you can actually interact with other pages as your business. This means that you need to choose the option of using Facebook as a page first and then you will want to start using the search box to find businesses that you want to keep in touch with. If you aren’t familiar with the option of using Facebook as a page, “use Facebook as (your business page name here)”  is found in the upper right when you are logged in as an administrator on your page.

B2B facebook pages marketing

The very first thing you want to do is “like” your prospect’s page as your page. Meaning, this won’t work in the same manner if you “like” a page when using Facebook as your profile user. That is really the most complicated part – I promise.

Second, after you have “liked” a few businesses of past clients and prospects, their updates will appear in the news feed whenever you use Facebook as a page. In order to see your page’s news feed, just switch over to using Facebook as a page and click on the Facebook logo in the upper left. Once there, you will see your “liked” page’s latest updates.

Lastly – (the easy part) get in there and network! Find interesting updates from pages and add your two cents where you feel you can do so without looking spammy. The easiest way to do this, is to picture yourself standing in front of that client or prospect and before you add your comment, think: “Would I say this in person”?

When you use Facebook as a page, your page name and page is associated with each comment you make on other pages. This can help you get on the radar of a business you have been trying to market to and keep your name in front of current clients who will appreciate that you follow them.

One caveat: While this method works quite well for those businesses that are targeting smaller businesses, it doesn’t work anywhere near as effectively for those targeting large businesses. Most times, large companies either have a marketing manager or separate firm handling their social media and your comments won’t get nearly as far.

If you’ve found new ways to market yourself on Facebook by using Facebook as a page, we would love to hear about it – please comment and let us know!

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