Link type definitions

Knowing the Difference Between Link Types is a Good Start to Building Links

It is often said that incoming, one way, permanent, contextual text links with proper anchor text are seen as the highest value when it comes to SERPS (Ranking within the page searchers see after they’ve entered their query into the search box). But boy, is that a mouth full! So here I will describe what some of the most popular link building terms mean in a practical manner:

Inbound Link (IBL): A link that comes from another site to yours

Outbound Link (OBL)
: A link pointing away from your website to another website

Reciprocal Link: A linking relationship or trade whereas two sites link to one another.

Permanent Link
: A link that generally remains on a website for the life of the domain or ownership thereof.

Global Link
: A link that appears on each page of the site, generally in a navigation area or footer. These links also appear on blog side-bars and blog-rolls.

Contextual Link: A text link that appears within the context of a sentence or paragraph whereas words within the sentence are hyper-linked (forming anchor text) to a place within the same website or an external site.

Deep Links: Links that point to pages within your website other than your homepage. These can be inbound links from other sites or links coming from your own site pointing to other areas of your site. An Example of this would be a link within my own site asking prospects to contact us for a web design estimate. Note that the link here goes straight to the contact page on my site and not the homepage.

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