Google Local – A Free and Easy Way to Rank on Page One

Are you listed in Google Places?

Depending upon the local competition, Google Places can be a super-easy (and free) way to get your business listed on page one of Google for localized searches.

A localized search is a search that includes a city as a keyword or one that Google has deemed a local search based upon your IP address (a way of automatically detecting where the computer you are on is searching from,).

When Google has deemed your search to be one with local intent, it will then display local businesses linked with their associated places page integrated within the main organic search results page – which, I think we can all agree, is a GREAT place to be!
Here are some steps to see whether or not your business has a Google Places page already:

First: See if you are listed here: by typing in your business name and city and see if your listing shows up.

If you are listed:

    1. Click on “More info” in the bubble that shows your business name or next to your name on the left side of the screen


    1. In the upper right click on the link that says “Business Owner?” (Note: If you don’t see that link, someone has already claimed your listing)


    1. Select an option to edit your listing and Google will call you to verify the listing’s ownership


If you are not listed:
Go here: and follow the simple instructions to add & verify your business.

Once the business listing is verified, you can add photos of your business & merchandise, logos, coupons & even upload a video. Once your listing is live, Google will send you analytics to show you how your listing is performing.

This is a GREAT way to bring organic search visitors to your website. The more you put into your business listing, the more traffic you are likely to attract — so take the time to fill in as much as you can with accurate data and photos.

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