Face Value SEO – Be #1 in Google for Only $59!

My proven SEO methods, that work for large corporations world-wide, are now available to you! We can get you to be #1 in Google. All for a low, LOW monthly rate of $9,999, $499$59.00!

Sounds promising if you take things at face value. If you accept SEO, this “new craze” in online marketing, at its claim. However, as with any investment, we don’t think you should. First, what is SEO? I think of the acronym SEO as: work related to improving a webpage’s marketability to search engine traffic. I say search engine traffic because it’s called Search Engine Optimization, right? The reality of the term today covers far more than merely search. It has become an industry for building traffic to a website while taking specific actions to influence a position everyone wants, #1 in competitive Google SERPs.

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Wait a minute, the opening line said #1 in Google, not that competitive SERP thing. What’s the difference?

Are you sure you want to know? If you take things at face value it shouldn’t matter.

Ok, ok, only because you asked; here’s a scenario for you…

Let’s say your domain is Larrythepostalworker.com and you’re a late night tv comedian often seen on a local station during comedy hour. You’re hoping to hit it big but your local station just isn’t getting you the air time you need. …I should add a disclaimer here, if you really are a comedian with a local gig, this is an illustration, it is not legal advice in any way. Consult an attorney if you’ve signed any contracts before attempting any of these strategies. (I hope that’s enough protection from being sued, who knows these days.)

So, picking back up… you’re looking to hit it BIG. You have good material and could hack it with the prime time comics. Being #1 for the keywords “larry the postal worker” when nobody knows who you are yet, won’t make much difference. You can be #1 for that phrase, but it will not get you any closer to your goal of hitting it big. Look at the keywords themselves, Larry (pretty general, Larry Bird? Larry King?), the (self explanatory by itself, adds value if part of a branded phrase), Postal + Worker (obviously career centric and will trigger results based on postal workers). Now that we’ve looked at the keywords, do any of them say “comedy?” No. Isn’t it a comedy career that you’re hoping for? The postal worker thing is just a stage name.

Strategies like the one that started this post many times are looking to do the quick fix, get you there and then bail when someone (competition) does a little work to take it from you. SEO, real Search Engine Optimization isn’t a lucky charm or rabbit foot, you can’t rub some snake oil on your cable modem and cause your website to rank. It’s work, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a firm to do what they do, it’s work. So, it’ll take some work to turn “Larry the Postal Worker” into a comedy act.

One thing I’d suggest doing, take some of your video and get it online. Get it online with the Title “Larry the Postal Worker — Comedy Night” or something close. What you’re doing is validating for Google (sending signals) that some guy named “Larry the Postal Worker” is a comedian. Next, build a page on your website titled something like “Comedy, the Postal Worker way.” Now you’re giving Google a page (hopefully original content, with info about your comedy) which it will index, matching you with comedy. Now embed that video on that page. There are many ways of doing this for maximum ROI but for now just get the video on the page. Do some promotion, even traditional promotion methods, radio-interviews, newspaper articles, etc. will help in your efforts. Be sure to route people to a webpage or social site you’re tracking. Pair that with a few words and links to your website from a comedy blog or two, an entertainment site or newspaper website and you’ll have a wonderful start.

Sound like a lot of work?

Luck for you, there are people that do SEO for a living so you don’t have to do 😉

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