Search Engine Optimization

How Complicated is Internet Marketing? Even Google Breaks “The Rules”

There are so many methods out there that claim to help you market your business online; some work, some don’t, some tactics work only temporarily — and then there’s those tactics that will hurt your business – bad. If you’re thinking to yourself: “For $&*# sake, how does a business weed through all of this?!” you aren’t…

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July 2011 Changes to Google Places & What They Mean to Small Business

This week Google made changes to their local Places product which play down the role of 3rd party websites and make the ability to write a review directly within Google Places far more prominent. Google states on their Lat/Long blog that the actual ratings and review count that we currently see when performing a local…

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How Important Is Publishing Good Content? You’re Lost Without It.

The cliche’ still holds true – Content is King. And today, I am going to use myself and my business as an example to speak to the importance of publishing good content regularly. So, here goes:  (gulp) First, I am going to admit that I am not exactly an award winning writer (wipe that look…

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