Removing Negative Reviews from Facebook

While I will be the first to tell you that it’s always better to respond to negative reviews than to try and delete them, Facebook is one of the few places where you can actually remove negative reviews (sort of).

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For businesses with a fan page, you may or may not have the “Reviews” app installed to your page. If you do, then it’s like an open invitation for your clients/customers to review you. This can be a good thing if you have positive reviews, but if you’ve got a bad one, it’s not such a nice feeling. First, you should understand what happens when a Facebook user adds a review to your fan page:

  1. The review is posted to the “Review Wall” which appears on your “Reviews” tab/page of your fan page (see how it works on our Facebook Page)
  2. The review is also shown in the user’s feed stream to all of their friends showing that they just reviewed your business.
  3. You find the review and respond in a positive way (right?) — ok this may not be the case, but I try 😉

Now, I know I’m preaching to the choir when I tell you that even if the review is negative, you should try and right the matter, even though the world will see it. Because removing or deleting a review can further anger the negative reviewer and cause them to go on a rampage and post in other places, tell their friends, tweet about it, etc. However, if you just can’t stand it and must delete the review, you can:

A. Remove the single review: Hovering over the review with your mouse will reveal a small “x” in the upper right area. Clicking the “x” will allow you to remove just the one review.

B. Remove the whole review page from your fan page:  Click on the “Edit Page” link and select the “Apps” link from the list on the left. In the list of apps, you will see one called “Reviews”. Click on “Edit Settings” and in the pop-up choose the “Remove” option. This will remove the link from your page all together.

Now, with all of that said – remember that you cannot actually remove the negative review from the reviewer’s feed. You can remove the review so your fans will no longer be able to see it, but the reviewer’s friends will have already seen the post in their feed – which is why responding in a timely and positive manner is always the best method of resolving negative reviews.

Update 1/1/2012: Facebook has since removed this option and fans can no longer leave reviews on Facebook directly. Since their partnership with Yelp! you may begin to see more in the way of reviews being brought in from them instead, however at this point, this is just speculation.

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  • A CG

    Great info here thank you 🙂

  • K.P. Kelly

    This does not work – the review is not deleted. You yourself may not see it, but check from another facebook and it is still there, you can only hide it from yourself. To remove a review you most delete the entire review option.

    • david ferlicia

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  • CrazyPeople

    It sure don’t work, we can only report it as spam and it still show up on your business fan page,:( I use my cell phone to check my page and its still
    showing public and someone else like it:((((,,, i want it gone, so
    upsetting.. I report & mark it as spam thought it would be removed
    but its still showing, i cant stand that review page, i just want it

  • Mike Allen

    I got this msg today

    “A review you posted has been removed. Reviews must follow the Facebook Community Standards and focus on the core product or service offered by the Page. Reviews that don’t follow these guidelines may be removed. Please keep in mind that people who repeatedly post content that doesn’t follow our guidelines may lose access to their accounts”

    I don’t think I’ve EVER made a review of anything on Facebook!

    • Tanya Torres-Humphreys

      I just got his message today when I had a horrible experience with a business. I don’t understand how my review can be deleted when it is the business owner’s fault and I am simply being truthful about my experience! Where are the business review guidelines and why allow someone to review your business if you can delete all of the negative reviews?!! To me that’s dishonest!

  • 123456

    I got a bad review because the person did not know how the star system works. She has offered to change it. Can she?

    • Andrew Anderson

      No but you can have her respond to her origional review.

    • ChristianRealist

      Yes! She can edit her star rating.

    • david ferlicia

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  • Beerye1313

    Wait, what about removing a FAKE REVIEW. Not just bad, or false or anything like that. But FAKE. I checked his profile, and he lives in Texas and I have never seen them before. They aren’t a client and don’t know them at all. I own a lawn care business, and speak to and see every client one on one I have ever had. And I live in Augusta. They have never lived anywhere other than Texas. Never been there.
    Now, please tell me how to resolve THAT

    • Andrew Anderson

      First look at their friends and family. Perhaps they are related to a competitor. If they arent, I recommend you reach out to them and ask if they mistook your page for another company.

    • ChristianRealist

      I have 3 of those – all from foreign countries and Facebook won’t do a thing about them!

      • Beerye1313

        That sucks

  • Ron Johnson

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  • Ron Johnson

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  • Bob Henry

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  • Lea

    how about someone posted an ad on my FB page under the review section. I cant even remove that

    • Martin Brentnall

      You can report reviews to Facebook that violate the review posting guidelines.

  • henna


  • Ronda Whitford

    So, I would love to comment on a negative review that someone left on our business page, but when I click on Comment no field comes up to let me write a comment! I tried messaging the person privately, but they did not respond, so I would like to put a brief, professional response comment under that review. But Facebook doesn’t seem to allow that either?

    • Justin Densmore

      There should be no reason you arn’t aloud to respond, I just responded to a 1 star review from someone 2500 km away that I dont know.

  • Really stinks that you can’t remove star ratings if they don’t have a review. I recently was ‘attacked’ by some anonymous user who gave 1-star ratings using multiple FB accounts (all in the space of one day), and now there’s nothing I can do about it. Went from 5.0 average rating down to 2.4- not acceptable, so I was forced to hide the entire reviews tab. Not very good when you’re in a competitive industry. Get with it, Facebook. Stop the spammers and put a system in-place to rectify situations like this…

  • megagumby

    It sucks because around 2013-14 when reviews started , there was an option on people’s feeds regarding local business in the area for people to click a star and not even write a comment with their review. That meant that people were just leaving low stars and they weren’t even customers. I ended up having to remove reviews all together. It’s not fair because they weren’t proper reviews, just people clicking low stars for the sake of it.