Good and Bad Reasons for Considering a Website Redesign

Website redesign can be a risky proposition and unless you’ve got endless cash flow, it’s a good idea to consider whether redesigning your website is absolutely necessary.

The reason to perform a website makeover shouldn’t be the same as updating a wardrobe.

Customers may actually be getting used to finding their way around your current website, much like you get used to seeing your boss in the usual attire. However, just like a pair of cuff links and a new style of tie can spiff up a business suit, you can make important changes to a website that will improve the visitor’s experience on your site. An improved experience can impact trust. Being more trustworthy directly impacts leads.

Good Reasons to Redesign a Website:

  1. To generate more leads that can turn into customers.
  2. To get the most out of a new product launch or marketing campaign.
  3. To help the search engines, and your potential customers, find your business.
  4. Make it easy to navigate from one page to the next.
  5. To better guide customers through the sales cycle.
  6. Branding is a good reason to do a website redesign, but only if it supports the goals above.

Bad Reasons for a Website Redesign:

  1. The folks over in marketing want it done.
  2. You’re tired of how this one looks and feels.
  3. You feel you need to comply with a new corporate look and feel. See #6 in ‘good reasons’ if this has you a bit confused.
  4. You’re trying to impress the boss.

While fancy websites can be nice to look at, your website should be more than just a pretty face. Web technology has advanced to a point where a website should be considered far more than a digital billboard. Websites can be engaging, lead-generating vehicles that can turn queries into customers.

What we’re talking about here is offering a website experience that meets the visitor’s need for good information, that is timely & easy to engage with. Mix with that some sales & marketing 101 and your website could be a lead-generating machine!

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