A Good Email Reputation Protects Your Email Marketing Investment

Email marketing is a necessary and very worthwhile investment into your marketing efforts. But, do you know how big of a role your email reputation plays in that investment?

The truth is, your email reputation is a huge determining factor when email providers decide whether or not your list subscribers ever have a chance to read your email. In fact, your email reputation accounts for up to 80% of your ability to reach your recipients.

What is email reputation? Email reputation is a score given to email senders based upon several factors including how many times a user clicked the “Spam” button, volume of email sent, how often your emails are opened and whether or not anyone clicks on anything within those emails. The more offenses, the lower the email senders score.

This score can be assigned by recipients using both ISP/software to receive mail and by those who use web mail services. Webmail providers have the added benefit of being able to also bring in user data from their many thousands of users to better understand how they treat your email when it’s received.

Why a bad email reputation cost companies – a lot. Having a poor email reputation means that your emails are far less likely to reach your recipients. This means that much more time is also spent (wasted) trying to decipher inaccurate email analytics which are skewed due to inactive subscribers.

How to fix a bad email reputation – Define your active vs. inactive subscribers. Whether a user is active or not will vary based upon the type of business you are in and type of emails sent, but a good place to start is with those that have not opened a single email and/or subscribers that never click anything in your email.

Segment your inactive subscribers and send them an email to attempt to re-engage them. If they still don’t take action, it’s time to purge them from your list. List purging will cause your ratio of engagement to volume sent to go up and has the nice side effect of giving you cleaner metrics to understand your list’s habits.

Keeping your email reputation on the up-and-up will give you a better deliverability rate, which allows you to maximize your investment in email marketing.

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