Why You, Says Who?

Why You, Says Who…

is my simple way of asking my clients and prospects why their target market should pay attention to them and who in the market is singing their praise? It’s a concept that I feel is natural to everyone, people get it. People naturally question unverified, unvetted, businesses and organizations. ‘Is this a scam?’, ‘Can this be for real?’, ‘Could this product really work like it says?’, etc.

The Why You?

Unfortunately, when you’re in the position to have to answer this question, another common natural reaction occurs, reacting defensively. If you’re asked to prove your value, it’s normal to be put back a bit, thinking perhaps, ‘why would they not trust me?’ I hear answers like, I landed a big account, graduated from somewhere impressive, won some prestigious award, etc. If those things really mattered or made a difference, our services wouldn’t be needed. At least not in the startup, ‘help me get noticed’ sense.

Instead, the answer people want & what really helps a cause, is the story of ‘why’. Why you and your company is in it’s current position. Why this market matters. Why you’ll be around in 20 years and the competition will not. If all you’ve cared about up to this point is money, then this will be tough for you. Why did apple computer do so well? They looked at their computer components and didn’t see a computer, they saw the person that was going to do something great with it. Then they cultivated awareness among their demographic that formed a bond with the company and with one another. You didn’t just own an apple, you were part of an apple brother & sisterhood.

It’s not coincidence that one of the most popular TED talks ever was Simon Sinek’s: “Start with Why”. He illustrates this point beautifully and I highly recommend a viewing if you’ve never seen it.

Says who?

This is the other half of the equation. This half focuses on our desire to be right as well as the value we place in peer review.

Can I trust this company? The President of the United States trusts them, so…

Clearly this example can go either way. If you feel the President lacks in judgement, this endorsement will send you the other way. If you approve of the President and his/her judgement, this will most certainly give peace of mind as you proceed with doing business with them.

The takeaway here is endorsement. When you’re asked “Why You, Says Who?” hopefully you’ve communicated “Why” – why you’re passionate about this thing you’re doing & can lead into examples of problems you’ve solved with your product or service. The “Says Who” gets answered by your portfolio, your credibility, your track record of professionalism.

Once you’ve nailed your ‘Why You’ and your ‘Says Who’, all the other aspects of growing your business will be easier. Elevator pitch, no problem. Trade shows, too easy. Website vision, walk in the park. Rushing into a market without these two pieces guiding the way will feel like a constant uphill battle effort in everything you do. Sound like you? Send me a message describing your business situation and perhaps together we can cultivate your “Why You,” and “Says Who”.