How Long Does it Take to Get Comments on Your Business Blog?

Ah, this is one of those questions we are asked pretty regularly because it’s very easy to feel like your blog isn’t effective when you aren’t getting any comments on your posts. The simple answer is to say that you shouldn’t let your feelings gauge your blogging effectiveness when you’ve got analytics that tell the truth. Nevertheless, becoming discouraged because you blog isn’t being flooded with comments from your adoring readership, is well, somewhat normal.

It’s easy to become attached to your blog and feel like your content should surely merit some amount of feedback. Alas, as social media has grown in popularity, attention spans seem to have dwindled at the same rate. In fact, Jakob Nielsen released a study some time ago, finding that the ratio of people who will actually take initiative and comment on blogs is roughly 100:1. That’s to say, for every 100 visitors, maybe 1 person will comment; and that’s a BIG maybe. From what we’ve seen over many, many blogs, I would venture to guess that the ratio is lower for most business blogs.

The truth is, there are two key factors that play a role in getting comments on your business blog: Time and Consistency

Time: It can take quite some time for your blog to earn page views. Depending on how often you post and how much outreach you’ve done, it could take years to see comments regularly. However, if your blog is truly something people want to read and written in a way that engages people, you could find that even with a small amount of traffic people will add their two cents.

Consistency: If your blog is very inconsistant in quality, your chance of building readership is slim to none. There is just so much “good” content online vying for attention and in order for your content to stand out in the crowd, it really needs to speak to your audience. If your blog is stuffed full of fluff and there is no depth to your content, you might get a few visitors — but chances are, they will skim the page and never return. If they do take the time to leave a comment, it’s probably not going to be anything of depth anyhow.

Just because people aren’t commenting doesn’t mean your blog isn’t effective

It’s important to remember why you began blogging in the first place. Blogs can do so much for a business in the way of visibility, branding, outreach, lead generation and new business – comments aren’t extremely important in the process of any of these goals. Are they nice? Sure! Do they help generate content for your blog? Yep! Does having no comments on your blog mean your blog isn’t working? Nope!

It’s very important to pay attention to your website analytics and understand what you are doing that works vs. what doesn’t. That is – what type of content results in new business by way of organic traffic generation; That’s what business blogging is all about.

Need help figuring it all out? Seek out a blogging consultant or inbound marketing company and map out a content strategy that gets results. Comments aren’t likely to be something that’s high on the list of metrics that generate a return 😉

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