How Important Is Publishing Good Content? You’re Lost Without It.

The cliche’ still holds true – Content is King. And today, I am going to use myself and my business as an example to speak to the importance of publishing good content regularly. So, here goes:  (gulp)

First, I am going to admit that I am not exactly an award winning writer (wipe that look of utter shock off your face ;-)) and secondly, I admit that it took me a while to figure out how to drink my own content Kool-Aid. Now, at the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, please allow me to explain…

I have known how important publishing good content online is for years, I’ve done it for affiliate marketing websites and helped client’s learn how to do it – but wasn’t blogging regularly here on our own company website. And the truth is, I was (and am) so passionate about our client’s projects that our own blog took a back seat.

I could map out a content strategy, create a publishing calendar and help a company see soaring return on their efforts, but didn’t make time to blog for our company — until the beginning of 2011. The team sat down, mapped out the goals for the year, applied our inbound marketing methodology, created annual goals, a content strategy and a plan of execution for; and just as we knew would happen, we’ve seen a huge uptick in leads via our website (when I say huge, I mean in the 1,000% range).

Today, as I sat here getting ready to publish an article to our blog, I got an alert for our brand and found that an article of ours was quoted on Reading the article got me to thinking that instead of publishing my original post, I should take this opportunity to teach you how important good content is if you want to get found online.

Again, I am not an award winning writer. I’m the president of an internet marketing company and I write from experience; oh and I am extremely passionate about what I do; that’s it – that’s my secret. My article was quoted in a major media outlet because my passion for the topic came across as I wrote. That one article will be seen by thousands of people and may even cause additional coverage. And with each bit of press, it grows our brand’s visibility and trusted inbound links to our website – which help us rank higher for other things. Those “other things” may be more easily found the next time a journalist wants to cover a topic that we are experts at because we rank higher in search. It really is a that easy, once you’ve got some momentum behind you.

When I wrote the article that was quoted, I had one goal in mind and that was to help people dealing with a negative online reviews. I wrote on a topic that is still emerging and that I’ve seen in my industry many times – I didn’t write anything earth shattering or mind blowing – I wrote to help. I didn’t have to beg for links or do any special tricks to get attention. A few people found it useful and gave it a couple of links which helped the article rank well for the topic — which ultimately got the attention of a journalist researching the topic.

So, you see – you don’t have to be the world’s most amazing writer to get found online. You just need to write useful content in a way that others can benefit from.

However, not writing content for your company blog because “no one cares”, “I’m too busy” or “I don’t wanna” will never give you an opportunity to be found — Not by search engines; Not by journalists; And not by prospects. Writing good content helps you get found — really it does!

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