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How Yelp’s Review Filter Plays Games with Business Reputations

Having a naturally appearing, “good” online reputation can send many new customers your way. However, a negative online reputation can cause a whole lot of damage across the web and cost a business dearly in lost revenue.  If your business listing on Yelp or other sites show negative reviews – there is no doubt, you are losing business. In…

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Yelp Extortion: The Lawsuit’s Dismissed. Are they back at it in 2012?

As a disclaimer, this post contains quite a bit of personal conjecture. Online reputation management for small businesses is one of my personal passions. Managing a company that helps businesses utilize new media successfully is something I really take pride in. The thought of review sites taking advantage of user generated content to eek extra cash out of…

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How Complicated is Internet Marketing? Even Google Breaks “The Rules”

There are so many methods out there that claim to help you market your business online; some work, some don’t, some tactics work only temporarily — and then there’s those tactics that will hurt your business – bad. If you’re thinking to yourself: “For $&*# sake, how does a business weed through all of this?!” you aren’t…

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Facebook’s Fan Page Insights: 2011 Changes to Metrics Explained

As 2011 has progressed, we’ve seen many changes to Facebook’s Insights toolset. Recently, they’ve made Insights more prominent and added some metrics that sound more confusing than they should. The better you understand your fan page’s insights, the better you will be able to understand your fan base. So, here’s a simple breakdown of the user…

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